Mobility Fundamentals Wireless Technologies and Standards Quiz Answers

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Mobility Fundamentals Wireless Technologies and Standards Quiz Answers
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1. Which of the following statements are not correct with regards to the transmission of electromagnetic waves? (Choose 2)

The IEEE 802.16 defines the WiMax technology.
The IEEE 802.16 defines the WiMax technology.
The IEEE 802.16 defines the WiMax technology.*
Global System for Mobile communication is one of the standard for wired communications available in the world.*
PAN is built for lower power transmission and lower data rate.

2. Which statement is not correct?

Frequency is the number of occurrence of repeating event per unit time.
The higher the frequency, the higher is the absorption rate in the Earth’s atmosphere.
Frequency is measured in Hertz(Hz) or in seconds(s).*
The higher the frequency, the higher is the reflection rate of the signal.

3. Which of the following answers describes a frequency that is seen 1 million times per second?


4. Which of the following conditions are significant problems experienced with wireless networks? (Choose 2)

Less interference
Low data transmission rate
Signal refraction*
Signal reflection*
Signal easy to control

5. Which 802.11 standard uses the 5GHz range? (Choose 3)


6. Which of the following statements are correct? (Choose 3)

Wireless is always half duplex because of communication environment.*
High modulation technique is required for high bandwidth.*
It is free to transmit in ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical) Band.*
The advantage of 2.4 and 5GHz bands is that they are not very occupied.
Wireless is always full duplex because of communication environment.

7. Which is a characteristic of 2.4GHz?

The space between two consecutive channels is 3 MHz.
Each channel has 22 MHz band.*
The space between two consecutive, non-overlapping channels is 5 MHz.
Each channel has 5 MHz band.
There are 12 channels in the 2.4GHz band.

8. Which modulation techniques are use in Wireless LANs? (Choose 3)


9. Which of the following is true with regards to CSMA/CA? (Choose 3)

To avoid collisions on a wireless network, CSMA/CA is used.*
The advantage of wireless network is that they can detect a collision.
The ACK mechanism use for access control is bandwidth consuming.
Collision Avoidance implies that when a device wishes to send, it must listen first.*
The RTS/CTS mechanism is used to avoid collision in wireless networks.*

10. What advantages does Multi-User MIMO offer to wireless networks? (Choose 3)

Support data speed beyond 1 Gbps.*
Eliminate collisions*
Support full-duplex communications over wireless networks.*
Uses the less crowded 5GHz band.

11. What is the capability in a 802.11n wireless NIC that takes all the electro-mangetic waves and composes them to one high-quality wave, resulting in a throughput increase?



maximum ratio combining
Maximum Ratio Combining

12. Whenever Joe brings his tablet into the kitchen that has a microwave oven, cordless phone and other home appliances, his internet connection is affected. Which Wireless LAN standard might his tablet be set to? (choose 3)


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