Chapter 9: Implementing the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance

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Chapter 9: Implementing the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance
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Instructor Materials – Chapter 9: Implementing the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance

Chapter Outline:

9.0 Introduction
9.1 Introduction to the ASA
9.2 ASA Firewall Configuration
9.3 Summary

Section 9.1: Introduction to the ASA

Topic 9.1.1: ASA Solutions

  • ASA Firewall Models
  • Advanced ASA Firewall Feature
  • Review of Firewalls in Network Design
  • ASA Firewall Modes of Operation
  • ASA Licensing Requirements

Topic 9.1.2: Basic ASA Configuration

  • Overview of ASA 5505
  • ASA Security Levels
  • ASA 5505 Deployment Scenarios

Section 9.2: ASA Firewall Configuration

Topic 9.2.1: The ASA Firewall Configuration

  • Introduce Basic ASA Settings
  • ASA Default Configuration
  • ASA Interactive Setup Initialization Wizard

Topic 9.2.2: Configuring Management Settings and Services

  • Enter Global Configuration Mode
  • Configuring Basic Settings
  • Configuring Logical VLAN Interfaces
  • Assigning Layer 2 Ports to VLANs
  • Configuring a Default Static Route
  • Configuring Remote Access Services
  • Configuring Network Time Protocol Services
  • Configuring DHCP Services

Topic 9.2.3: Object Groups

  • Introduction to Objects and Object Groups
  • Configuring Network Objects
  • Configuring Service Objects
  • Object Groups
  • Configuring Common Object Groups

Topic 9.2.4: ACLS

  • ASA ACLs
  • Types of ASA ACL Filtering
  • Types of ASA ACLs
  • Configuring ACLs
  • Applying ACLs
  • ACLs and Object Groups
  • ACL Using Object Groups Examples

Topic 9.2.5: NAT Services on an ASA

  • ASA NAT Overview
  • Configuring Dynamic NAT
  • Configuring Dynamic PAT
  • Configuring Static NAT

Topic 9.2.6: AAA

  • AAA Review
  • Local Database and Servers
  • AAA Configuration

Topic 9.2.7: Service Policies on an ASA

  • Overview of MPF
  • Configuring Class Maps
  • Define and Activate a Policy
  • ASA Default Policy

Section 9.3: Summary

Chapter Objectives:

  • Explain how the ASA operates as an advanced stateful firewall.
  • Implement an ASA firewall configuration.


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