CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 8 QUIZ

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CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 8 QUIZ
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CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 8 QUIZ

1 A network administrator notices that the default gateway device sends an ICMP Redirect message to the workstation when the workstation tries to connect to a file server on another network. What is the purpose for this ICMP message?

The default gateway does not know a route to the destination.
To notify the workstation, that another router on the same network, is the better default-gateway to reach the remote server.*
The network topology has changed and a new route toward the file server is available.
The default gateway is overwhelmed by network traffic and the request is redirected to another router.

2 A user who is unable to connect to the file server contacts the help desk. The helpdesk technician asks the user to ping the IP address of the default gateway that is configured on the workstation. What is the purpose for this ping command?

to obtain a dynamic IP address from the server
to request the router to forward the connection request
to test if the workstation can communicate on the network*
to resolve the domain name of the file server to its IP address

3 Which statement is true about an interface that is configured with the IPv6 address command?

IPv6 traffic-forwarding is enabled on the interface.
A link-local IPv6 address is automatically configured on the interface.*
A global unicast IPv6 address is dynamically configured the interface.
Any IPv4 addresses that are assigned to the interface are replaced with an IPv6 address.

4 Match the description to the IPv6 addressing component. (Not all options are used.)

This part of the address is used by an organization to identify subnets. -> subnet ID

This network portion of the address is assigned by the provider. -> global routing prefix

This part of the address is the equivalent to the host portion of an IPv4 address. -> interface ID

5 A user is unable to access the company server from a computer. On issuing the ipconfig command, the user finds that the IP address of the computer is displayed as What type of address is this?


6 Fill in the blank.
The last host address on the network is “___________”.

Correct Answer



7 Fill in the blank.
The shortest compressed format of the IPv6 address 2001:0DB8:0000:1470:0000:0000:0000:0200 is “__________”

Correct Answer


8 Which type of IPv6 address is not routable and used only for communication on a single subnet?

global unicast address
link-local address*
loopback address
unique local address
unspecified address

9 Which two statements describe broadcast transmissions on a wired network? (Choose two.)

Directed broadcasts use the IP address of
Limited broadcasts are intended for local and remote hosts listening for a multicast packet.
Directed broadcasts are intended for all hosts on a local or remote network.*
Limited broadcasts are only intended for the hosts on a local network.*
Limited broadcasts are forwarded by routers.

10 Your organization is issued the IPv6 prefix of 2001:0000:130F::/48 by your service provider. With this prefix, how many bits are available for your organization to create subnetworks?


11 Fill in the blank.
The 8-bit binary value for 41 is “______”.

Correct Answer



12 Which statement accurately describes public IP addresses?

Public addresses cannot be used within a private network.
Public IP addresses must be unique across the entire Internet.*
Public addresses can be duplicated only within a local network.
Public IP addresses are only required to be unique within the local network.
Network administrators are free to select any public addresses to use for network devices that access the Internet.

13 Match the legacy IP address class with the answer that represents the entire private address range reserved within that class. (Not all options are used.)

Class A -> –

Class B -> –

Class C -> –

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