CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 2 QUIZ

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CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 2 QUIZ
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CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 2 QUIZ

1 [button url=”” target=”self” size=”small” color=”dark”]Open the PT Activity[/button] . Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question or complete the task.

How does PC0 obtain its IP address?

The address was statically assigned.
PC0 does not have an IP address.
The address was automatically assigned via APIPA.
The address was obtained from a DHCP server.*

2 A network administrator has forgotten the argument of an IOS command. How would the administrator get help from the IOS CLI to complete the command correctly?

Type help and press the Enter key at the prompt.
Type the command and then press the ? key.*
Type the command and then press the Tab key.
Type the command, type help, and press the Enter key.
Type the command and then press CTRL-C

3 What command will prevent all unencrypted passwords from displaying in plain text in a configuration file?

(config)# enable password secret
(config)# enable secret Secret_Password
(config-line)# password secret
(config)# service password-encryption*
(config)# enable secret Encrypted_Password

4 Fill in the blank.
A “_____” address is defined as a reserved address that routes packets back to the host.

Correct Answer




loop back



Loop back

Loop Back

5 To save time, IOS commands may be partially entered and then completed by typing which key or key combination?

Up Arrow
Right Arrow
Down Arrow

6 What is encrypted with the enable secret command?

all configured passwords
the privileged executive mode password*
the console line password
the VTY line password

7 Why would a network administrator use the CLI of the Cisco IOS?

to test the performance on a particular LAN
to add a password to a Cisco network device*
to provide automatic (unmanned) management of Cisco network devices
to monitor the number of times a device has been powered on and off

8 Which device acts as a gateway to allow hosts to send traffic to remote IP networks?

DNS server
DHCP server
local router*
local switch

9 A technician configures a switch with these commands:

SwitchA(config)# interface vlan 1
SwitchA(config-if)# ip address
SwitchA(config-if)# no shutdown

What is the technician configuring?

Telnet access
password encryption
physical switchport access


Refer to the exhibit.
Fill in the blank. Do not use abbreviations.
What command does a technician issue on a switch to display the exhibited output? “_____”

Correct Answer
show ip interface brief

show ip interfaces brief


Show IP Interface Brief

Show ip interface brief

11 Why would a technician enter the command copy startup-config running-config?

to remove all configurations from the switch
to save an active configuration to NVRAM
to copy an existing configuration into RAM*
to make a changed configuration the new startup configuration

12 Which two statements are true regarding the user EXEC mode? (Choose two.)

All router commands are available.
Global configuration mode can be accessed by entering the enable command.
This is the default mode on an unconfigured router when first powered up.*
Interfaces and routing protocols can be configured.
Only some aspects of the router configuration can be viewed.*

13 Which statement describes a feature of an IOS host name configuration?

Its maximum length is 255 characters.
It must be registered with a DNS server.
It cannot start with a number.
It does not allow spaces.*

14 An administrator has just changed the IP address of an interface on an IOS device. What else must be done in order to apply those changes to the device?

Copy the running configuration to the startup configuration file.
Copy the information in the startup configuration file to the running configuration.
Reload the device and type yes when prompted to save the configuration.
Nothing must be done. Changes to the configuration on an IOS device take effect as soon as the command is typed correctly and the Enter key has been pressed.*

15 What will a network administrator use to modify a configuration on a Cisco router?

a control panel
the Windows command prompt
Windows Explorer
a DHCP server


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