It-essentials Final Exam v6.0 2016

1. What is the purpose of RAID adapters? to allow older PCI technology expansion slots to be used to provide enhanced audio and graphic capabilities to connect multiple storage devices for redundancy or speed* to connect peripheral devices to a PC to improve performance   2. Which type of interface should a customer choose if […]

It-essentials Practice Exam v6.0 2018

1. What two motherboard components control the system boot operations? (Choose two.) BIOS chip* UEFI chip* Northbridge chip Southbridge chip CPU   2. What motherboard chip controls high speed CPU communication to RAM and the video card?   Northbridge* Southbridge BIOS UEFI   3. What is a possible use for virtual computing? to run old […]

It-essentials Chapter 14 Exam v6.0 2016

1. A technician discovers that RAID has stopped working. Which two situations could cause this issue? (Choose two.) The external RAID controller loses power.* The RAID controller fails.* The cables connected to the hard drive are connected incorrectly. One of the hard drives fails. RAID has been configured incorrectly.   2. A technician is upgrading […]

It-essentials Chapter 13 Exam v6.0 2016

1. What is the correct way to conduct a telephone call to troubleshoot a computer problem? Always gather information from the customer and escalate the problem. Maintain professional behavior at all times.* Ask personal questions to get better acquainted with the customer. Explain each step to help the customer understand the troubleshooting process.   2. […]

It-essentials Chapter 12 Exam v6.0 2016

1. Which two security precautions will help protect a workplace against social engineering? (Choose two.) performing daily data backups encrypting all sensitive data stored on the servers registering and escorting all visitors to the premises* ensuring that all operating system and antivirus software is up to date ensuring that each use of an access card […]

It-essentials Chapter 11 Exam v6.0 2016

1. Which factor affects the speed of an inkjet printer? the desired quality of the image* the size of printer power supply the quality of the paper the cost of the inkjet cartridges   2. What are two cables that are used to connect a computer to a printer? (Choose two.) serial* FireWire* PS/2 HDMI […]

It-essentials Chapter 10 Exam v6.0 2016

1. What are two ways that iOS differs from Android? (Choose two.) iOS uses an All Apps button whereas Android uses a Home button. iOS has a physical Home button, but Android uses navigation icons.* In iOS, the icon for an app represents the app itself. Deleting the icon in iOS deletes the app. In […]

It-essentials Chapter 9 Exam v6.0 2016

1. Which two statements are true of a laptop CPU when compared to a desktop CPU? (Choose two.) Laptop CPUs operate at higher clock speeds. Laptop CPUs use smaller cooling devices.* Laptop CPUs consume more power. Laptop CPUs are interchangeable with desktop CPUs. Laptop CPUs are designed to produce less heat.*   2. Which laptop […]

It-essentials Checkpoint Ch1-Ch8 Exam v6.0 2016

1. What three voltages are commonly provided by the power supply to the various components inside the computer? (Choose three.) 3.3 volts* 5 volts* 9 volts 12 volts* 24 volts 48 volts   2. Hard drives in a grocery warehouse keep failing because of the adverse warehouse environment. What would be a possible solution for […]

It-essentials Chapter 8 Exam v6.0 2016

1. A user notices that the data transfer rate for the gigabit NIC in the user computer is much slower than expected. What is a possible cause for the problem? The NIC duplex settings have somehow been set to half-duplex.* The NIC wake-on-LAN setting is misconfigured. Hibernation mode is causing the NIC to shutdown unexpectedly. […]